Terms & Conditions


The Company offers wedding-related services and accommodations.

The Wedding Planner will offer The Company services and accommodations to business and consumer clients as part of wedding packages pursuant to the terms of this agreement.

In return, the Company agrees to pay The Wedding Planner commissions based on actual sales.

The Company Responsibilities

The Company shall provide The Wedding Planner with a non-exclusive license to offer the Company’s services and accommodations as part of vacation and wedding packages.

Additionally, the company agrees to provide sales and marketing material to The Wedding Planner for the purpose of promoting the accommodations and services listed in this agreement.

The Wedding Planner Responsibilities

The Wedding Planner agrees to offer such items at prices approved by the Company without exception.

The Wedding Planner agrees to report all sales to the Company on an ongoing basis.

The Wedding Planner shall provide the Company with full contact information for each client purchasing the Company’s services or accommodations.


The Wedding Planner shall receive commissions equal to Commission Percentage 10% of gross sales. Invoices for commissions shall be generated each month, and shall be paid by the Company on a net-30 basis.


The Wedding Planner agrees to provide the Company with an up-to-date ledger monthly containing all wedding reservations.

Any and all terminated bookings shall be provided to the Company on a weekly basis in a clear and concise ledger.


The Wedding Planner hereby acknowledges they may become aware of information the Company may deem as confidential including but not limited to:

  • Sale Dates
  • Special Rate Changes
  • Availability

Any information listed as confidential by the Company shall remain private and will not be made publicly available by The Wedding Planner.

In the event the Company becomes aware of a breach of any of this agreement’s provisions it will have the right to terminate this agreement in its entirety.


The Company shall remain the rightful owner of any and all titles, rights, and interests in the property as well as any materials provided for the completion of this agreement.

The Wedding Planner will have no rights to sell or trade any material provided by the Company during the term of this agreement.

The Wedding Planner will not copy or duplicate any material provided by the Company unless previous approval has been granted.

The Wedding Planner should keep all materials and property included in this agreement in good working condition.


Either party may terminate this agreement in its entirety with prior written notice within 30 days of the requested termination date.

If any terms or conditions contained within this agreement are breached, the responding party shall have the opportunity to terminate this agreement.

Upon termination, The Wedding Planner agrees to return any and all property provided by the Company in the condition it was received in.

Upon the termination of this agreement all bookings in process will become void and any outstanding balances will become due.


The Parties agree to refrain from transferring or selling any portion of this agreement without prior written agreement from the party requesting such actions.

Any third parties involved in this agreement must be assigned and maintained by the Company.

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